Magdalena Machlowska

Junior Market Analyst

Magdalena Machlowska, a Junior Market Analyst based in London, UK, utilizes her expertise in energy transition solutions and commercial feasibility. Drawing on her understanding of how key elements of the economy are set to decarbonize in the coming decades, she plays a crucial role in developing our best-in-class analytics within Prima's suite of subscription services, including CarbonZero. 

Before her current role, Magdalena was actively involved with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. In that capacity, she contributed to the scoping process for light industrial heat space as part of an energy pathway. Additionally, she served at the Stockholm Environment Institute, where her responsibilities included delivering presentations on policy and technology resolution, leading industry transitions through decarbonization roadmaps, managing a green steel tracker, conducting research with high-profile stakeholders, and writing analyses. 

Magdalena recently graduated with a degree in Sustainable Resources from University College London.  Prior to that, she earned a BA (with Honors) in Fashion from Manchester Metropolitan University and a BA in International Relations from Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny W Krakowie.