Leading your organization directly to the most effective action.

As the global chemical market evolves and adapts to meet its greatest challenges – sustainability, volatility and availability – customers need insight into key trends.

Benchmark price assessments and on-demand data enable smarter, faster strategic business decision-making.

OrbiChem360 builds on Tecnon OrbiChem’s legacy of providing the global petrochemical industry with flagship price benchmarks, reliable data and objective analysis of factors shaping world chemical markets. Our new platform provides an interactive full-spectrum view of the chemical industry on a single platform.

The keystone to effective budgeting during periods of uncertainty

OrbiChem360 is an interactive and comprehensive business intelligence platform powered to unravel the complexities of global chemicals supply chains.

Our independent, third-party, expert information provides the data, analytics and information that managers need to optimise decision-making.

Whether it’s future-facing strategy plans, business development or product diversification, a merger, an acquisition or divestment in the petrochemical, fibres, plastics or bio-materials industries, look no further than the high-quality data, insight and near half a century of expertise within the platform.

Industry benchmark for commercial intelligence in chemicals

Subscribers can compare prices, supply/demand data and trade flows. That insight facilitates informed decision-making and strategic planning, leading to improved performance and profitability.

The dashboard views provide interactive charts and tables that help users visualise geographies and datasets corresponding to their product.

Decision-makers use our services to answer important questions to help them optimise their businesses.

Access to current and historical pricing data

OrbiChem360 builds on Tecnon OrbiChem’s legacy of providing the global petrochemical industry

with flagship price benchmarks and objective analysis of the key factors shaping the world chemical markets.

OrbiChem360 represents the continued evolution of Tecnon OrbiChem as the go-to industry benchmark for the global chemical value chain.

OrbiChem360 adds new levels of functionality and performance, which translates into a data-rich business tool on a single medium.

The power to unlock new opportunities

OrbiChem360 helps companies grasp new opportunities arising from additional capacity needs and/or emerging innovative processes.

With our insight, your company can explore its potential to enter expanding industrialising markets or where a new offering could provide better results.

Taking an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective, insight into trends help brands effectively navigate the public's ever-evolving sustainability aspirations.


Commodity price and margin data

Comprehensive and incisive analysis of key petrochemical and renewable market sectors.

Compiled from the global perspective of dedicated consultant teams based in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Includes extensively researched monthly chemical analytics for key market sectors.

Connects decision-makers with focused, smart chemical industry data to enable informed formulation of buying and selling strategies for their business.

Market commentary and analysis

An archive of historical prices for the major petrochemical intermediates collected and assessed by experts for almost half a century.

Price comparison and margin charts are available to help subscribers follow current and historical trends at a glance. Historical price datasets for the previous ten years instantly accessible to subscribers. 

While the exact data available varies from chemical to chemical, data for most groups of chemicals include pricing —listed in both English and Chinese — for the United States, West Europe and Asia.

Trade flows & import/export data

Dashboards showing monthly and annual trade for key chemicals.

Our geographic summaries can show trade flows globally, regionally or by country.

Trade flow infographics illustrate the movement of chemicals globally, showing both exports and imports.

Access to historical volumes and prices of imports or exports by country or major region.

Supply & demand data

Supply and demand forecasts through to 2030 for petrochemical feedstocks, intermediates, polymers and synthetic fibres.  All plant capacities are listed worldwide.

Production and consumption data, with division into manufacturing routes end-uses respectively, are provided for all countries of relevance. 

Country data can be summarised by region or worldwide, and by product type, with multiple facilities for downloading in spreadsheets or other formats.

Data is summarised regionally: China - East Europe - Middle East & Africa - North America - North East Asia - South & South East Asia - South America - West Europe

Price forecasts

We provide 18-month forward forecasts of prices of the major chemical intermediates and polymers, for the USA, Europe and Asia/China.

Three scenarios are provided, related to base, low and high forecasts of crude oil pricing.

Price forecasts for derivatives are built up from the price forecasts for the raw materials, and prior to that, forecasts for crude oil prices. 


Plants & projects

World listings of plant capacities by geography, producer and technology.  Includes petrochemicals, chlor-alkali, polymers, fibres and bio-materials.

Our new 'Plants & Projects' tool includes graphics and datasets on capacities globally, specifying plants as in operation, under construction, planned or shut down. 

The information can be printed, and/or saved, in a range of formats including PDF, JPEG, Excel and CSV.