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The Low Carbon Transition is Moving Fast: What You Need to Know

The Low Carbon Transition is Moving Fast: What You Need to Know

Prima Markets, a ResourceWise company, follows all the latest trends, insights, and breaking news in low carbon fuels and feedstocks across the energy value chain.

To help keep you informed, we’ve put together some of the latest trends and updates impacting these commodities. Here are some of the top stories with our commentary on the developments.

JetBlue and Shell Aviation Announce Agreement Bringing New Supply of SAF to LAX

“NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU) and Shell Aviation today announced a new collaboration bringing additional supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), targeting commencement of delivery in the first half of 2023. Within the terms of the agreement, JetBlue is expected to take delivery of 10,000,000 gallons of blended SAF at LAX over the next two years and an option to purchase up to 5,000,000 gallons more in the third year, either at LAX or other airports in JetBlue’s network.”

Our Take

The wave is moving quickly in the SAF market. United recently announced an SAF program to invest big in the development and utilization of this fuel. Their goal is to hit carbon zero by 2050. JetBlue and Shell look to be following suit, and other airlines will probably do the same.

Carbon 'Negativeness' of Biohydrogen not Rewarded by US Policy Framework: Researchers

“The biohydrogen production process produces a clean fuel with negative carbon emissions, but that carbon negative co-benefit is not incentivized to the same extent green hydrogen is, researchers said March 15, making it harder for biohydrogen projects to reach commercialization.

“Hydrogen tax credits within the US Inflation Reduction Act subsidizes clean hydrogen with carbon intensity levels between zero and 0.45 kg of CO2e per kilogram of hydrogen produced – a tax credit regime that rewards green hydrogen produced with renewable energy and blue hydrogen produced with natural gas and carbon capture.”

Our Take

The Inflation Reduction Act has shifted the conversation into renewables and low carbon. Could this omission of biohydrogen be an oversight of a potentially high value fuel alternative?

Turning Point for Europe’s Switch to Low Carbon

“The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change has released a report on the responses of European Union nations over the past year to the energy crisis caused by Russia’s severance of energy exports in retaliation for Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine. The report recommends addressing rocketing energy prices through a combination of energy-saving measures and the accelerated deployment of renewables.”

Our Take

Russia’s war in Ukraine has already wreaked havoc on the global fuel market. Europe is responding to the crisis as an opportunity to fast-track low carbon fuels and other renewables. This pivot will only serve to amplify these impacts and likely jumpstart carbon reduction investments far beyond the EU.

Honeywell Carbon Capture Tech to be Used at Exxon’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production Facility

“Honeywell recently announced that one of its carbon capture technologies will be deployed by ExxonMobil and integrated into Exxon’s low-carbon hydrogen production facility in Baytown, Texas.

“It is anticipated that Honeywell’s CO2 Fractionation and Hydrogen Purification System (the name of the company’s carbon capture technology) will enable ExxonMobil to capture about 7 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. This amount of emissions is equivalent to the yearly emissions produced by 1.5 million automobiles.”

Our Take

With a major fossil fuel firm like Exxon doubling down on carbon reduction, the writing’s on the wall for the future. The world is rapidly transitioning to reduce and eliminate carbon output. Announcements like this reveal how quickly we’re shifting gears in fuels and commodities. That’s why you need the right intelligence to develop and execute your own carbon reduction strategy.

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