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Sustainability Success: Pulp & Paper Accomplishments, Partnerships, and Innovations

Sustainability Success: Pulp & Paper Accomplishments, Partnerships, and Innovations

Numerous major companies are teaming up with pulp and paper producers to develop sustainable paper packaging to meet ESG initiatives. It is essential to comprehend the demand and product requirements of these companies, along with the legislative changes that will impact packaged goods and the milestones achieved by companies and industries.

We've compiled the top eight stories of the last month highlighting sustainability-related partnerships, innovations, and achievements in the pulp and paper industry.

Snack Food Manufacturer Walkers Rolls Out Paper Outer Bags for Walkers Baked Multipacks

Walkers, a leading snack food manufacturer, is taking a big step towards sustainability with the introduction of new paper outer bags for their Walkers Baked multipacks. These innovative bags can be easily recycled at home, along with other paper packaging, making it convenient for consumers. Not only does this environmentally friendly move contribute to reducing waste, but it also significantly lowers the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each pack.

By switching to paper outer bags, Walkers will be able to reduce their use of virgin plastic on outer packaging by an impressive 180 tonnes per year. Furthermore, the company has set an ambitious goal to eliminate the use of virgin fossil-based plastic in its crisp and snack bags by 2030. This will be achieved by utilizing 100% recycled or renewable content. Read more at foodbev.com


Amazon Utilizes Automated Packaging Technology to Reduce Packaging Material

Amazon has implemented automated packing technology to reduce packaging material in Europe. This innovative system utilizes machines equipped with sensors that scan various items like video games, kitchen gadgets, sports equipment, and office supplies. Instead of traditional boxes or cardboard folders, these machines can now create custom paper bags in real-time. The bags are securely sealed using heat-sealing technology, allowing for efficient packing while minimizing wasted space. This advancement is a significant step towards reducing Amazon's environmental footprint and promoting sustainable packaging practices. Read more at aboutamazon.co.uk

Corrugated Packaging Industry Makes Progress in the Reduction of GHG Emissions

The corrugated packaging industry has made significant strides in reducing the environmental impact of corrugated cardboard boxes, as highlighted in a recent life cycle assessment (LCA). This comprehensive study reveals a remarkable 50% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per unit between 2006 and 2020. Additionally, the industry has achieved reductions in ozone depletion (13%), energy usage (13%), water usage (18%), acid rain (41%), smog (44%), respiratory effects (54%), and eutrophication (30%), which causes harmful algae blooms and dead zones in water bodies.

These impressive results have been accomplished through various initiatives, including energy improvements, the development of robust recycling infrastructure, sustainable forest management practices, and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. The LCA specifically examined the cradle-to-grave life cycle of an average corrugated cardboard box manufactured in the US in 2020. Read more at thepackagingportal.com

Dutch Soft Drinks Brand Hero Launches Juices in Carton Packs

Hero, a popular Dutch soft drinks brand, is preparing to introduce its Cassis blackcurrant juices in convenient and environmentally friendly cartons. Partnering with SIG, Hero Benelux has chosen SIG MagnumBloc 1,500 ml aseptic carton packs made from SIG Terra Forest-based polymers, a fully recyclable packaging material. These cartons can be easily flattened by consumers and disposed of in the appropriate PMD bin or bag, along with the cap, making it a hassle-free and sustainable choice. Hero continues to prioritize sustainability and convenience for its customers, making this packaging transition an exciting step forward. Read more at packagingnews.co.uk

Hero's new carton packs for Cassis blackcurrent juices, made in partnership with SIG.

Versuni Moves to Paper Packaging for Its Home Appliances' Products

Versuni, formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances, is making a remarkable change by implementing 100% recycled paper packaging across its global Philips portfolio in collaboration with DS Smith. Initially, the company plans to utilize this sustainable packaging for a range of home appliances, including the popular Philips Airfryer, Espresso Machine with LatteGo, Steam Iron 3000 series, Air Purifier, and Cordless Vacuum 8000 series.

Furthermore, Versuni is taking an important step towards environmental responsibility by replacing single-use plastic inside the packaging with more sustainable alternatives. These initiatives align with Versuni's mission of transforming houses into homes and their commitment to designing products and packaging that prioritize longevity, repairability, and reusability. Ultimately, Versuni aims to turn waste into a valuable resource, contributing to a more sustainable future. Read more at thepackagingportal.com

ISRI Brings Out New Tool to Help Recycle More Packaging in US

ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, has introduced the Fiber Recycling Readiness Tool, a powerful resource aimed at increasing recycling rates for packaging in the United States. This innovative tool utilizes industry expertise and incorporates insights from the Moore & Associates study, which extensively examined current material recovery facilities (MRFs) and paper mill infrastructure across the country.

By automatically evaluating various criteria, the tool provides a user-friendly, color-coded result that determines whether packaging meets the requirements, identifies areas that need modification, or indicates that the packaging does not meet the criteria. Additionally, the tool offers personalized feedback on design choices that can enhance the recyclability of packaging. With this tool, ISRI is empowering businesses to make informed decisions and contribute to a more sustainable recycling ecosystem. Read more at recyclingproductnews.com

Cup Noodles Announces New Paper Cup Packaging for Its Ramen Noodles

Nissin Foods USA is making a significant sustainability move by announcing the introduction of a new paper cup design for Cup Noodles in early 2024. This innovative packaging solution will replace the current polystyrene cup, making it even more convenient for on-the-go consumers. The new paper cup is microwavable, eliminating the need for boiling water and providing added ease of use.

Rolled out across all flavors of Cup Noodles, the cup will be made with 40% recycled fiber and will no longer require plastic wrap. Additionally, the cup features a sleeve made with 100% recycled paper, further reducing the brand's environmental impact. By transitioning to a paper cup, Nissin Foods demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, aiming to minimize CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This positive step will not only benefit the environment but also enhance the overall consumer experience. Read more at prnewswire.com


Mondi Develops Advantage Kraft Mulch Paper for the Agricultural Sector

Mondi has partnered with Cotesi to introduce Advantage Kraft Mulch, an innovative solution that aims to replace traditional plastic mulch film in the agricultural industry. This environmentally friendly alternative is made entirely from kraft paper, offering the same level of protection as plastic mulch film. Certified according to DIN EN 13432, Advantage Kraft Mulch is industrially compostable, ensuring it can easily decompose after use. Initial field trials have shown promising results, with the kraft paper maintaining its strength and effectively inhibiting weed growth. To initiate the decomposition process, the mulch paper simply needs to be covered with soil after harvest. Read more at mondigroup.com

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