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Growth Energy Helps Retailers Shift to Renewable E15 and E85 Biofuels

Growth Energy Helps Retailers Shift to Renewable E15 and E85 Biofuels

Growth Energy, a US-based biofuels trade association and prominent biofuel industry advocate, has announced more companies it has supported in the transition to renewables.

According to a company press release, the group has helped several additional retailers complete applications for the USDA’s Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP). The HBIIP aims to foster the increased adoption of ethanol and biodiesel by expanding infrastructure for agriculture-based renewables in the US. In the latest application period, Growth Energy aided grant applications for 39 distinct retailers covering 198 stores.

This endeavor could lead to the addition to several renewable installations:

  • Over 1,200 new E15 dispensers
  • About 450 new E85 dispensers
  • Approximately 500 new dispensers for biodiesel blends

Growth Energy’s Focus on Fuel Retailers Marks Steady Progress

Collaboration with fuel retailers has been a significant focus for Growth Energy. The organization has proudly backed over half of all HBIIP applications in this cycle.

In Growth’s press release, CEO Emily Skor highlighted the critical role partnerships play in expanding access to cost-effective, low-carbon fuel options like E15. States reporting sales data have seen consumer demand for these alternatives break previous records.

Some 2023 statistics that mark substantial growth include:

  • Iowa: E15 sales surged by 47 percent
  • Minnesota: 21 percent increase in E15
  • California: Over 14 percent rise in E85 sales

How Growth Energy Helps

Since 2020, Growth Energy has helped retailers nationwide secure $115 million in federal, state, and private grants to enhance the availability of higher biofuel blends. Retailers are adding another $102 million to these efforts, totaling an infrastructure investment of $217 million.

The latest round of applications reflects the third submission period for the HBIIP—from January 1 to March 31, 2024. Growth Energy increased its efforts by collaborating with multiple organizations:

  • Pearson Fuels in California
  • The Iowa Corn Growers Association
  • The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association

The USDA plans to offer two additional rounds of funding opportunities this year. There is potential for another, too, if funding for the projects remains.

The retail sector's shift towards biofuels marks a significant step in sustainable development. Growth Energy has served as a lynchpin that has enabled many retailers to make these key changes to renewable infrastructure.

This move directly caters to the rising consumer demand for sustainable products. More critically, it aligns with global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

Supporting Change, One Pump at a Time

Retailers who join forces with Growth Energy can upgrade their infrastructure to support biofuels. Doing so enables biofuel availability at the consumer level, supporting the transition to alternative energy sources.

Consumer preferences have continued to shift toward more environmentally friendly options. This makes low-carbon, sustainable fuel choices imperative to future success.

Retailers who adopt this trend early will gain a competitive advantage and contribute to worldwide sustainability efforts.

Growth Energy's proactive leadership in expanding biofuel infrastructure underscores its commitment to ensuring eco-friendly fuel choices are accessible to a wider market. This effort is pivotal in transitioning to a more sustainable energy future.

As the retail sector increasingly embraces biofuels, Growth Energy's role as a catalyst for change will become even more pivotal. Their work helps retailers weed through governmental applications to secure the funding they need for the future. Achieving this goal means that even more companies can offer renewable alternatives to consumers.

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