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Getting to Know ResourceWise's New ESG A-Z Guide

Getting to Know ResourceWise's New ESG A-Z Guide

Environmental, Social, and Governance, or ESG, is rapidly gaining importance as the world accelerates its shift to a low-carbon future. As if navigating this sustainability maze wasn't challenging enough, the ever-increasing number of mandates and regulations make it imperative that businesses adapt their processes to reflect these changes quickly.

To help businesses meet these challenges, ResourceWise has developed a new product: The A-to-Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape.

The A-Z ESG Reporting Landscape Guide provides a starting point for businesses to develop and understand ESG principles. Recognizing how these factors apply to a business has become critical to a successful sustainability strategy. The guide is a comprehensive tool that can save businesses time and resources by clearly understanding ESG.

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What's Inside the Guide?

The guide outlines all essential concepts within the ESG landscape, including the following:

  • ESG Compliance Reporting
  • Financial and Impact Materiality
  • Key Participants within Standards, Frameworks, and Principles
  • Investment, Performance, and Emerging ESG Trends
  • How to Futureproof Your Business for a Sustainable Future

This information serves as a valuable compass in orienting businesses toward a sustainable future and equipping them for the changes on the horizon. This knowledge and understanding will help businesses achieve their sustainability goals more efficiently.

The Value of Good Data in the Carbon Transition

ESG reporting isn't just about understanding the landscape. Accurate and precise data also carry substantial importance in future success.

Meeting this challenge is exactly where Prima CarbonZero™ from ResourceWise can help.

Prima CarbonZero is an online platform covering all critical data and insights across low-carbon fuels and feedstocks. The platform is much more than a collection of price indexes. It is an ally in the path to sustainability, providing invaluable data, insights, and reports with a collective focus on decarbonization.

Prima CarbonZero has continually evolved to meet the increasing demands of an ever-changing market. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for users to sort data across nineteen industries and four global regions.

Subscribers can also filter data across the three primary fuel types:

  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Road

The platform's recent addition of new price indexes for emerging markets and fuel types, including five types of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) price models, is a notable development.

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We have also recently begun covering marine fuels by partnering with bunkering price leader ENGINE to offer bio-bunkering pricing indexes across eight regions.

ResourceWise: Paving the Way Forward to Net-Zero

At ResourceWise, helping our customers transition to a net-zero carbon future has become our leading company focus. The A-to-Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape, coupled with a subscription to Prima CarbonZero, equips businesses with the necessary tools to define and pursue their sustainability goals.

Our team is dedicated to helping businesses stay fully informed about the ever-evolving ESG regulations and laws. We will continue to meet this goal through regular, ongoing updates to what we cover and how we provide it to you.

The A-to-Z Guide is available for purchase separately or in a bundle with a subscription to Prima CarbonZero. Click the link below to download a free preview of the guide and speak with our team about how ResourceWise can help your business.