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Driving Sustainability in Pulp and Paper: Latest Industry Innovations

Driving Sustainability in Pulp and Paper: Latest Industry Innovations

As the demand for sustainable practices grows, major companies are increasingly looking towards paper packaging to meet their corporate sustainability goals. In response, pulp and paper companies are innovating and forging new partnerships to address these needs. With a surge in new solutions and collaborations, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change.

To get a better understanding of this evolving landscape, we've highlighted the latest advancements in the pulp and paper industry driving a more sustainable future.

Aldi to Launch Two Own-Brand Wines in Recyclable Paper Bottles

Aldi is set to introduce two exclusive wines in eco-friendly paper bottles created in collaboration with Frugalpac. The exquisite Cambalala South African Shiraz and South African Sauvignon Blanc will hit the shelves on March 18, 2024.

Crafted from 94% recycled cardboard and featuring a food-grade lining, these bottles are a remarkable five times lighter than their traditional glass counterparts. 

Read more at www.retailgazette.co.uk

Adidas Joins Canopy to Protect Forests and Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

Adidas has pledged its commitment to Canopy's CanopyStyle and Pack4Good initiatives. The move signals a shift towards embracing low-carbon and circular Next Gen alternatives for its textiles, paper, and paper packaging products.

The brand is not only dedicated to sustainable sourcing practices but is also actively exploring innovative solutions to reduce waste and lessen its dependence on virgin forest fiber. By utilizing agricultural residues for paper packaging, Adidas is both repurposing waste materials and alleviating the strain on crucial forests.

With a focus on increasing the use of recycled materials in its paper packaging, Adidas is prioritizing sourcing from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests whenever virgin forest fiber is required.

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Confederation of Paper Industries Brings out New Guidelines

A dense collection of forestlands seen from an aerial view.

The latest edition of the Design for Recyclability Guidelines from the Confederation of Paper Industries emphasizes the importance of minimizing non-paper components in new packaging products to just 5% of the total weight. While this may seem ambitious, it reflects the continuous advancements in fiber-based packaging technology.

It's important to note that this target isn't a strict rule for recyclability. Each packaging item should undergo a personalized evaluation, as stated by the trade association.

Read more at www.paper.org.uk

DS Smith Offers Recyclable DryPack Seafood Box to Customers in North America

Image of a man placing a fish into DS Smith's new DryPack.

Source: DS Smith

DS Smith is introducing its DryPack seafood box to the North American market. The move will provide a sustainable alternative to the commonly used non-recyclable expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam boxes.

The innovative DryPack is not only water-resistant but also fully recyclable. It provides a reliable solution for keeping fresh fish below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 40 hours during cold chain operations.

These boxes are conveniently shipped flat to seafood processors, taking up 81% less space compared to traditional foam plastic EPS boxes, and are effortless to assemble.

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James Cropper Offers Recyclable Paper Outer Wrap for Scotch Whiskey Brand Bruichladdich's Luxury Redefined Range

James Cropper has created a sustainable paper pulp outer wrap for the prestigious Bruichladdich’s Luxury Redefined range of single malt Scotch whisky.

Specifically designed to fit the unique shapes of the Bruichladdich Eighteen and Bruichladdich Thirty glass bottles, this vibrant fiber wrap is crafted using 100% green energy and responsibly sourced wood pulp from FSC or PEFC-certified forests. It is a single-material solution, free from glue, and can be easily recycled in household paper waste streams, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly packaging practices. 

Read more at www.packagingeurope.com

Marks & Spencer to Introduce Recyclable Paper Cups Across Its Cafes in the UK

Marks & Spencer is introducing fully recyclable paper fiber takeaway cups across its UK cafes, set to debut in April 2024. Following a successful trial in 20 stores back in October 2023, this eco-conscious initiative will now expand to over 300 locations, encompassing cafes, vended coffee points, and branded marketplaces within its Foodhalls.

This strategic move underscores the retailer's unwavering dedication to reducing plastic packaging, with an estimated removal of 20 million units of plastic packaging annually from its flourishing food business.

Read more at www.packaging-gateway.com

Sappi North America Offers Plastic-Free Leather Alternative to Biophilica

Sappi North America has recently teamed up with Biophilica, the innovative company behind the eco-friendly leather alternative known as Treekind. Recognizing the significance of tactile experiences in consumer-product interactions, Biophilica was determined to develop a material that exuded an authentic, non-plastic feel.

In support of this mission, Sappi has contributed a leather grain solution to enhance the texture of Treekind using their advanced Ultracast Viva release paper. Furthermore, Biophilica has exciting plans to explore Sappi's diverse range of finishes and textures, including glossy and matte options, as well as various grain patterns, to potentially expand its premium product line.

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