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Methanol, Glycols, and Solvents Market Intelligence: Life on the ChemEdge360

Methanol, Glycols, and Solvents Market Intelligence: Life on the ChemEdge360

Global trade and markets for methanol, glycols, and solvents became more visible and transparent.

With the launch of its second chemicals pricing, production, and supply chain intelligence platform, ResourceWise is helping market participants make better business decisions.

The platform leverages insight built over a quarter of a century of analysis, real-time global trade flow datasets, and up-to-the-minute price benchmarks. It allows subscribers to unravel complex market dynamics using a range of graphs and infographics. 

George West, the founder of Chemical Intelligence, which is now part of ResourceWise, believes the chemical sector’s future depends on timely, accurate, and strategic data and insight.

The platform builds on the foundation of Chemical Intelligence as a service aimed at helping subscribers make strategic decisions that generate tangible returns.

—George West, Founder, Chemical Intelligence

Head and shoulders photograph of Chemical Intelligence founder George West.West describes ChemEdge360 as a "valuable tool," and pledged that the depth of insight in the Chemical Intelligence team's bi-monthly commentaries since the 1990s would endure. "The insights our customers have always relied on will be bolstered with new data and market analytics within the new ChemInsight Reports."

"I am excited about Chemical Intelligence beginning this new chapter," West adds. 

Price Benchmark Hindsight and Prediction

As a continually updated data as a service (DaaS) offering, ChemEdge360’s current price indexes help buyers avoid purchasing chemicals and feedstocks at inflated prices. 

Across the nearly 30-strong portfolio of products covered, there are 400 price series that are updated up to three times per month.

Meanwhile, the platform's historical price graphs help planners pinpoint drivers—such as seasonality and planned maintenance—across a range of sectors.

From price announcements to plant outages, we immediately deliver actionable notifications and alerts to subscribers by email.

Vitally, the platform prevents producers and distributors from selling products below market value. From price announcements to plant outages, we immediately email subscribers actionable notifications and alerts.

The home portal page of ResourceWise's latest chemicals business intelligence platform ChemEdge360.

Anticipating price fluctuations and identifying contract and spot price structure patterns are vital to developing business strategies and plans.

The platform's blend of hindsight and prediction capability helps strategy teams better forecast future costs. Armed with that insight, they are better positioned to improve budgeting and balance control costs against profit potential.

And, because it allows subscribers to create custom pages with metric conversions of their choice, teams can quickly access the data they need in the format they want. 

Trade Flow Graphics Increase Market Visibility

The datasets that underpin the new platform’s Global Trade Details portal cover 99% of the world, according to ResourceWise partner Global Trade Tracker (GTT).

Our data experts convert GTT's weekly supply of thousands of official import and export document data points to interactive, downloadable visuals. The image below shows the trade flow between major market-participating countries in one of the glycol markets we cover. When subscribers roll their mouse over the graphic, volumes to the nearest metric ton appear on the screen.  

trade flow

Our visuals update when new data is received, ensuring timely and precise supply and demand trends are visible in the platform's bar charts and other infographics. In many cases, the trade data ChemEdge360 uses is reported by relevant countries within five weeks. Their insight allows company strategists to capitalize on market opportunities and plot shifts in global trade patterns for chemicals of interest.

Not only can it help streamline logistics, but the comprehensive distribution networks featured in ChemEdge360 also give purchasers information on diversifying their supply chains.

Global Plant and Production Portal

The ability to grasp trade flow trends quickly can help businesses streamline their logistics. However, knowing the source of products entering the market is also invaluable. 


To this end, the ChemEdge360 platform presents interactive sunburst charts to show production capacities at the regional, operator, and specific site levels to the nearest metric ton. There are over 500 different plant data points within the platform.

In a world vexed by geopolitical tension, changing legislative, and regulatory parameters, and shipping disruption, wider supplier choice is a bonus.

This is useful because capacities at regional and local levels impact availability and price. Knowledge of producer locations—and their nameplate capacities—also gives subscribers access to the comprehensive distribution network.

In this way, ChemEdge360 helps purchasers diversify their supply chains. Wider supplier choice is a bonus in a world vexed by geopolitical tension, changing legislative and regulatory parameters, and shipping disruption.

ChemInsight Report Overview

ChemEdge360's key sectors—methanol, glycols, and solvents—will issue bi-monthly reports showing price tables accompanied by comprehensive commentary. Regions covered include Europe, Asia, and North America. 

The Glycol ChemInsight Report covers markets for monoethylene glycol (MEG), diethylene glycol (DEG), triethylene glycol (TEG), monopropylene glycol (MPG), and di-propylene glycol (DPG). Our MEG and DEG monitoring spans Asia, Europe, and the US. 

Additionally, each report focuses on the glycol market's key upstream compound, ethylene oxide (EO), and the downstream end product, antifreeze. The report is also suitable for PET packaging converters. 

ChemEdge360 consultants and analysts collate contract and spot prices for a range of relevant CASE market compounds and chemicals to elucidate solvent markets. 

The Solvents ChemInsight features separate price tables for chemicals acetone and phenol. In addition to these key platform chemicals, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) are monitored, tabled, and subject to our expert commentary. 

The aromatic range of compounds we report on includes toluene and mixed xylenes, hexane, and mineral spirits (both regular and odorless). 

The Methanol ChemInsight Report contains more than twenty-five prices for methanol. Its commentary includes a deep dive into regional markets, including the US, North America, Asia, and Europe, with energy insights.  

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The development of this unique business intelligence marks a new era for ResourceWise and the platform's current customer base. It gives them 24/7 access to vast datasets optimized visually and cements ResourceWise as the go-to consultancy for chemicals-focused professionals. 

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