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China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum: Speakers Announced

China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum: Speakers Announced

This event has been postponed due to pandemic-related restrictions within China.

Opportunities and challenges for polyamides and intermediates will be explored by Tecnon OrbiChem experts at the 19th China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum next month (6-8 March 2022).

Speakers from a range of associations, industry sectors, and academia will join an impressive line-up for the event which will be held both in person (for domestic delegates) and online for the rest of the world.

An exploration of how the global market focus is shifting towards China will be the subject of a presentation by Tecnon OrbiChem’s polyamide (PA) and intermediates experts. Lead Business Manager William Bann and Senior Consultant Michelle Yang will jointly present as part of the event.

The forum is where you can find out about developments in China and world markets for polyamides.

Charles Fryer, Founder and Senior Advisor, Tecnon OrbiChem

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Javier Rivera, Tecnon OrbiChem’s Business Manager for Fibers, PET & Intermediates, EO, Glycols & Derivatives, will examine the potential for China’s PA 6 and caprolactam export markets.

Rivera will be partnered by Tecnon OrbiChem’s China-based Senior Consultant for PA 6 & Intermediates, Methanol, Polyacetal Joyce Chen.

Image shows the speaker team from Tecnon OrbiChem for the 19th China Polyamide and Intermediates Forum event in March 2022

Transport and Carbon Neutrality

A Kingfa Sci & Tech Co representative will present on the potential for polyamide use in new energy vehicles. And, Hunan Normal University Professor Yi Chunwang will explore the role of new functional polyamide products in a carbon-neutral world.

They will be joined by a representative of one of China’s largest integrated energy and chemical companies SINOPEC and a yet-to-be-confirmed representative of fiber, resin, and intermediates company Invista.

Image shows the words Tecnon OrbiChem and China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information Network - co-sponsors of the Polyamide conference



On Expectations that the US Currency is Tightening and that of China is Relatively Loose: 

  • What trend will the global economic recovery take?


  • Will China's PA 66 capacity see drastic increase in the future?

  • Where are the competitive advantages of PA 6, PA 66 and PA 56?

  • Where are commodities, including crude oil, heading?

  • Domestic adiponitrile technology achieved breakthrough. New Polyamide (PA) 66 plants will be commissioned. Foreign industry giants are investing in new PA 66 capacities in China, and domestic companies have also announced investment plans.



Prospect of Nylon Industry During China’s 14th Five-year Plan Period

  • Deng Jun, Secretary General of Nylon Committee, China Chemical Fibers Association

Changes of Benzene Market Fundamental and Market Prospect

  • Liu Weiming, Chemical Raw Material Purchasing Manager, Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co Ltd

Prospect of China's Caprolactam Market in Change

  • Gong Xiaojun, Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited Jiangsu Company

2022 Crude Oil Market Outlook

  • Guo Chaohui, Executive General Manager Research Dept., China International Capital Corporation

Supply-demand Situation of China’s PA 6 Market

  • He Zhuosheng, Executive Deputy General Manager, Changle Highsun Synthetic Fiber Technology Co Ltd

PA 6/Caprolactam – Has the Moment Arrived for China Exports?

  • Javier Rivera, Business Manager – Fibres, PET & Intermediates, EO, Glycols & Derivatives at Tecnon OrbiChem
  • Joyce Chen, Senior Consultant – PA 6 & Intermediates, Methanol, Polyacetal at Tecnon OrbiChem

Development of New Functional Polyamide Products to Promote Emission and Carbon Reduction

  • Yi Chunwang, Professor, Hunan Normal University

Discussion on the Feasibility Scheme of Polyamide Applied in new Energy Vehicles

  • Zhang Yong, Head of Automotive Engineering Plastics Dept., Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co Ltd

PA 66: Ushered in a Period of Rapid Expansion

  • Sun Hongfen, Analyst, CHTC Landview Network Co Ltd (CCFEI)

Discussion on adiponitrile technology and prospect of high temperature polyamide in China

  • Li Yansheng, Chief Engineer, Wison Engineering

PA 66 and Intermediates – Global Market Focus Shifting to China

  • William Bann, Lead Business Manager – Acetyls, Polyamide & Intermediates, Chlor-Alkalis at Tecnon OrbiChem
  • Michelle Yang, Senior Consultant – Acetyls, Paraxylene, PTA at Tecnon OrbiChem

Polyamide – Opportunities and Challenges in 2021-2022

  • Jiang Zhenhua, Analyst, CHTC Landview Network Co Ltd (CCFEI)

This event – which takes place from 6-8 March 2022 – is supported by the Nylon Fiber Committee of China Chemical Fibers Association and National Chemical Fiber Corp. 

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