Timber Supply Analysis 360

Comprehensive datasets for improved decision-making.

The only product for the forest value chain that offers a full-spectrum view of data on regional timber growth, inventory, and harvests.


How Timber Supply 360 Supports the forest industry's analytical needs

Instant access to forest asset data that shapes the industry.

Timber Supply Analysis 360 is an interactive tool that provides fast, streamlined access to:


In the United States

USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis data on growth, inventory and harvests. It also provides access to harvest data in the Pacific Northwest from the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER), Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and the Washington

Department of Natural Resources (WADNR). Timber Supply Analysis 360 is the only digital tool that allows access to all of this data in a single platform.

In Brazil

Area-specific data, including hectares, species, volume by species, volume by product and age-class distribution. This map-based tool uses proprietary change detection algorithms and satellite imagery to provide timber supply data that supports investment decisions.

ResourceWise applies growth and yield models to this data to simulate forest growth and use our supply chain expertise to quantify local demand and produce long-term forecasts of forest inventory, supply and demand, and price.

Timber Supply 360 Use-Cases

Will increased demand lead to higher prices? 

Either because of expansion (installing a new pulp line or the addition of a second shift at a sawmill, for instance) or because a new facility is announced in its supply area, a mill is concerned that new demand will drive up prices in its local market.

Is oversupply a short- or long-term issue?

A mill is currently oversupplied and needs to know if this is a short- or long-term issue.

· If short, no action would be required.

· If long, a mill might choose to sell timberland and redeploy capital

Is this investment a good one?

· An investor is contemplating a purchase and needs to understand forward price risk.

· An investor is making a hold or sell decision and needs to understand forward demand, supply, and price.

What species should I plant?

A timberland manager is deciding which species to plant post-harvest and needs to understand demand by product and gaps that exist in supply.

Strategic Planning with Timber Supply Analysis 360

Increased visibility and transparency into the wood raw material supply chain improves your ability to plan ahead with confidence.

Streamlined Inventory Analysis

Gathering reliable forest inventory data used to be a cumbersome, time-consuming process in the US. In Brazil, this data has, until now, not existed. TSA360 simplifies the process with up-to-date, basin-specific data in the US and makes this data available in Brazil for the first time.

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Data-Backed Tools

With superior data from four individual providers in the US and a proprietary change detection methodology in Brazil, subscribers can identify the forest inventory data you need becomes a manageable task.


Flexible Views

In addition to inventory, the interactive maps also display:

  • For the US: Acres/Land Acres, Growth, Removals, Growth/Removals, Inventory per Acre, Growth per Acre, Growth/Inventory, Removals per Acre and Removals/Inventory
  • For Brazil: Hectares, Species, Total Volume by Species, Volume by Product and Age Class Distribution

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