Carbon Benchmarking

Maximize Sustainability: Track Emissions End-to-End

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Environmental awareness isn't just driving consumer demand—it's shaping government policies and incentives.

Why does carbon output matter in today's environment? 

FisherSolve's Carbon Benchmark Module provides estimated emissions for every pulp and paper mill worldwide.

This allows you to compare your competitive position, select locations for carbon capture or reduction initiatives, and identify areas for improvement. 

  • The carbon footprint of a company can significantly impact the viability of a mill.
  • Companies exploring alternatives to reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions stand out among competitors.
  • Increased government incentives designed for pulp mills regarding carbon capture and its utilization. 
  • Use captured carbon to co-locate a methanol production facility, producing green e-methanol as a renewable alternative to fossil fuel.

Measured Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions

Our Carbon Benchmarking Module displays the carbon emissions of each pulp line and paper machine for every product they manufacture. Users can assess and compare the carbon footprint of all stakeholders, aiding in measuring ESG performance for customers.

Compare your mill's GHG emissions to others, pinpointing the primary sources of carbon emissions.

  • Identify the threshold required to maintain competitiveness in emissions compared to other mills in your industry. 
  • Implement strategies to effectively reduce your emissions. 

Customer Story


How Did Holmen Board and Paper Use Carbon Benchmarking to Achieve Groundbreaking Carbon Efficiency?

In an industry often criticized for high carbon emissions, Holmen Board and Paper emerges as a beacon of sustainability.

Holmen has not only achieved remarkably low emissions but has also redefined industry standards. Dive into their story to see how data-driven decisions can lead to sustainable success. 

Industry Leadership

Learn how Holmen has set new benchmarks for carbon efficiency in the paper industry. 

Innovative Solutions

Discover sustainable products like Holmen VIEW and Holmen UNIQ that are changing market expectations. 

Data-Driven Sustainability

Explore how FisherSolve's Carbon Benchmarking Module helped Holmen measure their carbon footprint. 

Competitive Edge

See how achieving low emissions has positioned Holmen as the preferred choice for eco-conscious consumers. 

Inspiration for the Industry

Gain insights into how Holmen's sustainable practices can guide your own business transformation. 

Explore Holmen's Visionary Approach 

Dive into the details of Holmen’s pioneering efforts and see how they're not just changing their company but are setting new standards for the paper industry.  

Read the Customer Story  

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