Pulp & Paper

Premier business intelligence for the pulp and paper industry.

Fisher International, a ResourceWise company, offers unparalleled expertise and solutions for suppliers, producers and investors that inspires better performance in the capital-intensive pulp and paper industry.

For over 30 years, Fisher International has helped companies across all aspects of the global pulp and paper industry be more purposeful in deciding how to best utilize their assets to gain tremendous advantages in efficiency, productivity and profitability. We help clients leverage their distinct strengths, augmented by the guidance surfaced through our rich data, analytics and expertise, to develop unique solutions their competitors can't imitate. 

Our highly detailed data helps clients make the best of their resources to forge a successful path forward.

We help pulp & paper producers understand their markets and competitive environments. From strategic decisions about which markets to serve and where to invest capital to tactical decisions on  where to spend sales time.
Mill Suppliers
Fisher helps suppliers get the most out of their product development, sales, and marketing investments. From strategic decisions about where to spend R&D to targeting sales resources, ROI justification, and measuring performance.
Corrugator players use Fisher’s intelligence and data to understand global packaging markets. With data on plants and production, customers make strategic decisions about which markets to serve and where to invest capital.

Investors use Fisher’s business intelligence platform to evaluate risks and potential returns and support critical elements of the investor decision chain from strategic decisions about M&A to tactical practices like the value of bonds.