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ResourceWise Introduces Market Optimizer

ResourceWise Introduces Market Optimizer

ResourceWise Introduces Market Optimizer, a Global Export Pricing Benchmark for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Fisher International, part of the ResourceWise portfolio, has launched Market Optimizer, a global price and trade reporting platform for the pulp & paper industry. Until now, there has been no way for a company to compare logistics costs to its competitors’ costs.

Producers and exporters have long had doubts about whether the area, regions and countries they are selling into are the ones that offer the highest profitability. Now with Market Optimizer, producers are able to make more informed decisions about the markets they choose.

Introducing a Game-changing Product for the Pulp & Paper Industry

With Market Optimizer, pulp and paper producers can now explore new destinations for their output, understand the size of these potential markets, and have some visibility into their competitive cost position in these markets. And they can do all of this in a single view in this new FisherSolve module.

Marcello Collares, VP Business Development, Forest Value Chain at ResourceWise, led the development effort: “With this unique tool, you can understand how to better allocate your volume globally to maximize your profits and explore markets that you have never previously considered. With a matrix view of Fisher’s data and information, Market Optimizer illustrates how your company’s mills would compete in multiple destinations worldwide, thereby optimizing your profits in just a few clicks. This tool is not just timesaving, it also increases the confidence you can have in the decisions you make about allocations.”

According to Peter J. Stewart, CEO of ResourceWise, "I've been developing products for the forest products industry for decades, and I am really impressed by the work the ResourceWise team did with the Market Optimizer. With this product, our customers can optimize the delivery of their products to market, increasing their profits and potentially decreasing their transportation costs and carbon emissions at the same time. It's a huge step change for the industry."

Value-added Features

  • Selected freight hypothetically placed in 100+ destinations worldwide in a single chart
  • An analytical view of competitiveness in various locations
  • The weighted average cost of the most competitive mills in each area, indicating the advantages or disadvantages of any selected mill in each area
  • Import information on up to 58 select countries

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