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Presenting ResourceWise

Presenting ResourceWise

A Unifying Brand for Forest2Market, Fisher International, and Tecnon OrbiChem

Forest2Market, Inc., Fisher International, Inc. and Tecnon OrbiChem Ltd. are excited to introduce their unified brand, ResourceWise, to the market. The group of companies merged in 2019 and 2020 and continues to grow in 2022. Now serving the global pulp and paper, forest products, and chemicals industries, ResourceWise is pursuing a growth strategy to expand the company's reach into other natural resource-based commodity markets.

For more than 20 years, ResourceWise companies have been providing those in the forest products and chemical value chains with the data, analytics, and market insights they need to optimize their performance for increased efficiencies and financial returns. ResourceWise companies will continue offering these services to our markets.

The goal of introducing a unified brand is to bring clarity to the marketplace and visibility to the range of offered services that are relevant across sectors. The ResourceWise brand will help us deliver a more seamless experience for our existing clients while allowing us to connect commodity markets for better decision-making and results.

ResourceWise companies share many strengths: dedicated, talented and experienced employees, data that is unparalleled in their respective industries, high customer service standards, and a deep desire to help companies optimize their use of resources for better financial and environmental outcomes. These are the foundations on which the individual ResourceWise companies have built their reputations, and they will define the new unified brand going forward.

"As we build on the legacy of our individual companies, the mission of ResourceWise is to provide our customers with the highest level of service through the application of unique datasets and industry expertise,” says Peter J. Stewart, CEO of ResourceWise, "At the same time, we know that doing business in energy-intensive industries is more complex than it has ever been. Greater pressure exists from stakeholders to reduce their risk and be better stewards of the resources they use. ResourceWise will offer enhanced services to support customers in their ESG efforts."

These sustainability-oriented services are designed to inform decision making across global value chains, and include:

  • Environmental benchmarks for carbon, energy, and water usage
  • ESG Index
  • Biomaterial substitutions and circular economy solutions
  • Carbon measures for raw material usage
  • Renewable forms of transitional energy like wood pellets and sustainable aviation fuels

About ResourceWise
ResourceWise was founded in 2021 to unify three companies, Forest2Market, Fisher International, and Tecnon OrbiChem. The companies in the ResourceWise portfolio focus on forest products, pulp & paper, and chemicals — natural-resource-based industries. Our intention is to serve additional industries in the natural resources space in the future with value chain optimization and sustainability-support services.