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Decarbonize Your Business with Prima CarbonZero from ResourceWise

Decarbonize Your Business with Prima CarbonZero from ResourceWise

Charlotte, N.C. and London (April 24, 2023) — Award-winning biofuels research and price benchmarking agency Prima Markets from ResourceWise has launched a new data analytics platform: Prima CarbonZero. 

This intuitive online platform delivers data and insights on low-carbon feedstocks, fuels and energy value chain mitigation to decarbonize businesses.  

 Seamless Transition to a Low Carbon Economy  

Prima CarbonZero’s current and historical pricing data covers major low-carbon markets including international ethanol, and green diesel trading in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Its market analytics are underpinned by a comprehensive library of circular economy and vegetable oil feedstock pricing and fundamentals data. 

From fuel sources to feedstocks, subscribers can track low-carbon markets across critical areas. Using visualized datasets — including global trade volumes, origin and destination points and cross-country/region flows — it offers at-a-glance market analysis. By pricing North American and European biofuels compliance tickets and dissecting biofuel mandates, it can support climate change legislation compliance. 

Prima CarbonZero’s customizable fields and filters provide a robust and flexible solution for tracking fuels and feedstocks for preferred markets.   

Understanding Fragmented Green Premium Energy Markets  

Prima Markets founder Matthew Stone said: “With a unified solution, Prima CarbonZero eliminates the confusion in moving from carbon dependence. Energy transition success requires the right understanding of fragmented markets to invest and trade in green premium energy products. The platform is essentially a global map and toolkit for navigating a path to net zero.  

“The transition to a carbon-free future goes beyond just mandates. It is about making our world sustainable,” Stone added. 

Among the platform’s additional benefits is the Prima Carbon Mitigator report, which leverages data to compare the costs and benefits of decarbonized fuel types and technologies from a third-party perspective.   

Its analytical tools are indispensable to businesses planning and executing a decarbonization strategy across the supply chain. Traders in sustainable fuels, investors seeking new opportunities and project developers with technologies to share can leverage the platform's insights.  

Prima CarbonZero gives subscribers easy access to actionable insights to inform decision-making for tangible, real-world steps toward achieving zero emissions. 

Learn more about Prima CarbonZero today. (www.resourcewise.com/platforms/prima-carbonzero) 

About Prima Markets 

Established in October 2014, Prima is the leading research and price benchmarking agency (PRA) in the expanding international market for low-carbon feedstocks and fuels. Prima focuses on the interface between biofuels, energy, and agricultural markets in its unique suite of informational and analytical reports and web-based information services. Prima data is widely used in trade and investment decisions in low-carbon fuel and feedstock markets, in indexing physical contracts, and as a financial settlement instrument in listed swap futures. 

About ResourceWise 

ResourceWise was founded in 2021 to unify a group of companies offering price reporting and benchmarking, market analytics, and strategic consulting for commodity markets. The companies in the ResourceWise portfolio focus on forest products, chemicals, and renewable fuels. Our mission is to empower companies to make wise decisions by providing high-quality data, business intelligence and insights that resolve value chain issues while promoting a low-carbon economy and profitable growth. 

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Suz-Anne Kinney 
Vice President, Marketing