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FisherSolve is a powerful, flexible and comprehensive business intelligence platform that contains highly detailed and complete information on every pulp and paper mill in the world. With access to information on assets, production, operations, environmental flows, costs-of-production, carbon footprint and much more for all pulp and paper mills in the world, you can feel confident about your market strategy and important decision-making.

Stay on top of your ESG goals with our environmental flows module

Water supply & treatment

Fisher's Water Module illustrates water and wastewater flows for each mill, with data on volume, source, application, destination, and treatment methods for each site's incoming water, outgoing wastewater, and sludge - which can be used to measure water consumption per ton and compare it to the mill's water risk. 

Carbon emissions

Our Carbon Module shows the carbon output of every pulp line and paper machine for each of the products they produce. This tool provides information on carbon emissions of various scopes, all the way from cradle to destination. Users can measure and benchmark the carbon footprint of all players - helping customers measure ESG performance. 


Maximizing your investment: knowledge-building combined with expert support

FisherSolve kicks knowledge-building into overdrive  by intuitively aggregating all tutorials, business cases, FAQs, glossary and reference materials directly related to your current search.

In addition, our industry-leading consultants are with you every step of the way, providing insight, coaching and training to support the creation of a data-informed culture throughout your organization. 


Flexible, intuitive, and designed to inform all areas of your business

With FisherSolve's scalable platform companies can tailor their capabilities to their specific needs, making it a viable solution for businesses working in or supporting the pulp and paper industry. 

Available in 10 different languages, it will ensure that no matter where you are located across the globe, you can take full advantage of the services this platform has to offer. FisherSolve is designed by pulp and paper professionals for pulp and paper professionals. 


FisherSolve is the core of ResourceWise's pulp and paper services and solutions.

Production data

FisherSolve provides information on machine, line, mill and company production data that covers all grades and finished products, furnish and fiber details, and speed, width, trim and asset descriptions. 

FisherSolve describes products produced in hierarchies to facilitate analysis on the over 500 paper and market pulp products to choose from. They are separated by Major Grade, Grade, Finished Products, plus Bleached/Unbleached, Coated/Uncoated, On-Off-machine coating, and Machine PH. 


Manufacturing costs & mass-balance

Through FisherSolve's rich asset and raw material database, users can model every mill, pulp line and machine's cost-of-production with a data-driven mass-energy balance engine that delivers results with complete transparency. FisherSolve details the costs of each machine making each of its products and rolls the data up to any level you need to see such as: stage of the manufacturing process; line, mill, company country, region, and global; finished product, grade, major grade, total; type of cost input

Because we have modeled costs with a real-world level of detail, your understanding of mill operations can be much deeper and your conclusions far more insightful and reliable. 

Manufacturing Costs and Mass Balance

Capacity trends

FisherSolve's Capacity Trends module allows users to analyze quarterly historic and announced actions for any grade and region segment in the industry. 

With this module, you can see how each machine's products and capacity have evolved over time in order to draw strategic level conclusions.  

Capacity Trends

Asset quality & viability index

Our Viability Module helps users predict the long-term future of pulp lines and paper machines. Its algorithms reflect what owners consider when deciding what to do with their assets. 

Validated against several years of historical data on closures and survival, the result is not just an ability to evaluate the staying power of a given machine, mill or company, but also a powerful tool for understanding each asset's strength and weakness. 

Asset Quality and Viability Index

Installed costs

Unique to FisherSolve, are the replacement costs, which are also referred to as installed costs, of every major unit operation in every mill in the world. Together with our proprietary measure of assets' Technical Age, our Installed Costs module helps customers understand the magnitude of investment that would be required to bring each asset up to current standards.

Installed Costs

News & projects

FisherSolve provides one of the most extensive paper industry news services which users can use to their advantage and turn into actionable intelligence. Industry News delivers to subscribers' inbox daily and covers capital projects, mergers and acquisitions, shutdowns and startups, financial issues, technology, market trends and more. 

We associate each news event with the mills, companies, regions, grades and other subjects in FisherSolve, which means that you can read everything there is to know about a mill with a single click. 



News and Projects

Market Optimizer

Identify and investigate the optimal destination for your end products with our recently released destination benchmark: Market Optimizer.

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