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Gain access to analysis of supply and demand data on processing chemicals, such as caustic soda used in pulp production, and insights into the future direction of the chemical industries.

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Chemicals are needed at all stages proceeding from the manufacture of pulp through to the creation of paper products and the inks for printing.

The pulp and paper industry represents one of the largest markets for chemicals. We're going to start with the chemical pulping process, which requires caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) to remove the lignin from wood.

As the process progresses through the papermaking, printing, and publishing process, an array of chemicals is used for adhesives, paper coatings, optical brightening, inks, and de-inking.

Alternative applications are the manufacture of plywood and the production of cellulosic fibers used in textiles.


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OrbiChem360's detailed pricing data and analysis of a wide range of chemical markets is a standard guide for buyers and sellers of chemicals. Longer-term reporting on chemicals' market development offers vision to strategic planners, allowing them to position their companies for continuing success. 


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