Textiles, Fibers, Leathers, and Footwear




Production of Synthetic Fibers

Textiles, fibers, and footwear industries are important consumers of petrochemicals and chemical intermediates via the production of the main synthetic fibers. From polyester to polyamide (nylon) to acrylic and polypropylene.

Many chemicals are utilized for the processing of textiles, and also in the tanning of leather.



Advantages of Synthetic Fibers

Depending on the fiber type, the advantages of synthetic fibers include:

  • Low cost
  • Hard wearing
  • Easy washing and ironing
  • Ready dyeing
  • Ability to blend for maximum effect


Synthetic Fiber Applications

From everyday clothing to fashion clothing, sportswear textiles and footwear, and high-performance outdoor wear. The polyester staple is used in pillows, carpets, home furnishing fabrics, and automotive fabrics.

Aramid fibers are used for fire-resistant textiles, bullet and stab-proof jackets, helmets, and armored vehicles. Other applications include agriculture, synthetic leather for upholstery, clothing and vegan footwear.

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