Paints, Polishes, and Coatings




Paints, polishes, and coatings are used to decorate, protect, and prolong the life of buildings and materials.

Paint properties such as gloss, durability, and flexibility require the use of pigment binders, which until World War II were mostly linseed oil. Following a post-war shortage of linseed oil, artificial binders were invented which were cheap, easy to manufacture, more durable, and promoted long-lasting color.

Examples of artificial binders include alkyds, acrylates, polyvinyl acetate, polyurethanes, polyesters and epoxy resins.



Industrial coatings are used on manufactured goods as a protective barrier against environmental and chemical corrosion.

The automotive and transport industry uses coatings for vehicle bodies and special coatings for plastic substrates, such as car bumpers, dashboards and grilles, and electronics.




Other uses of coatings:

  • Reduce drag from aircrafts
  • Antifouling for tanks, ships, and boats
  • Wood finishes for furniture, fences, and decking
  • Leather
  • Electronics
  • Food and drink cans
  • Domestic appliances
  • Composite panels for buildings
  • Steelwork such as bridges, oil rigs, and chemical plants.

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