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Chemicals and chemical intermediates are the feedstocks and building blocks for the manufacture of more complex chemicals used in almost every aspect of everyday life, such as health, hygiene, medical, apparel, construction, electronics, domestic appliances, automotive, and transport.

Chemicals have a huge range of uses:

  • Water treatment for safe drinking
  • comfort, and safety on planes, trains, and automobiles
  • Smartphones, tablets, and laptops to keep us all connected
  • Resistant textiles for visible jackets, fire-resistant clothing for firefighters, and projectile-proof jackets for the armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

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OrbiChem360's detailed pricing data and analysis of a wide range of chemical markets is a standard guide for buyers and sellers of chemicals. Longer-term reporting on chemicals' market development offers vision to strategic planners, allowing them to position their companies for continuing success. 

Chemicals Solutions

Get detailed, comprehensive coverage of markets, prices, developments, and commercialization of chemicals, polymers, and fibers, to allow informed decisions to be made by buyers, sellers, marketers, commercial planners, and company executives for industries using chemicals for the manufacture of myriad goods for our well-being. 

Our services, aimed at immediate commercial needs, are accompanied by supply-demand analyses which provide deeply researched data in support of long-term planning.

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