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World Chlor-Alkali Conference - Summary of Tecnon OrbiChem's Presentations

World Chlor-Alkali Conference - Summary of Tecnon OrbiChem's Presentations

Uncertainties on supply and demand globally has positioned the chlor-alkali industry in a challenging circumstance. As recent market disruptions such as difficulties on logistics and transportation, unplanned plant shutdowns, changes on demand and growth drivers, and of course sustainability, these all have continued to cause significant shifts on global trade flows.

Some of these issues and other aspects impacting the chlor-alkali value chain:

  • Trends in the caustic soda markets: What has happened in the past 12 months and how are these trends shaping the short- to long-term outlooks
  • Drivers of demand – from alumina, pulp and paper, bleach applications, and rayon to further downstream such as automotive and construction industries
  • Regional outlook
  • Challenges and changes in the transportation and logistics space

Addressed by an excellent panel of speakers at the 25th World Chlor-alkali Conference held virtually earlier this month.

While there is no exact formula to figure out what is going to happen in years to come, it is critical to stay up to date with trends and developments that are shaping the chlor-alkali industry. This will prepare business professionals like you to make informed business decisions while mitigating risks.

Tecnon OrbiChem is delighted to share a summary of the presentations we gave at this year’s conference, which you can access by completing the form below.