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OrbiChem360 — Tecnon OrbiChem's New Business Intelligence Platform

OrbiChem360 — Tecnon OrbiChem's New Business Intelligence Platform

Since 1976, Tecnon OrbiChem has been producing go-to benchmarks for decision makers providing the full-spectrum view of supply chain dynamics that can enable them to make informed strategic decisions and creative business development plans to improve efficiencies and maximize profits.

We have helped clients across the global chemical value chain respond to the industry’s biggest challenges with objective analysis and reliable data.

As Tecnon OrbiChem enters its 45th year, we are meeting these challenges and growing customer needs for quick decision-making by going fully digital and launching our new online business intelligence platform, OrbiChem360.


OrbiChem360 is a web-based platform that provides 24/7/365 access for subscribers to view the current and historical data they need most, download graphics and — most importantly — customize the way they view the data quickly and easily.

Tecnon OrbiChem will transition from delivering its flagship reports and benchmarks via PDF, to an easy-to-use online business intelligence delivery platform representing a ground-breaking shift in value for our customers across the global chemicals supply chain.

Over the last several months, Tecnon OrbiChem together with its sister companies, Forest2Market and Fisher International, designed and developed an online version of our reports, which will be available in early June 2021.

Tecnon OrbiChem continues to have the same values and the same high standards, and our analysis and data will continue to be produced by the same team. The only difference is the number of improved features and benefits the new platform, OrbiChem360, will provide to our customers.

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