Business Intelligence

Business intelligence platforms to fit your industry’s unique needs.

According to the BARC Business Intelligence Survey, utilizing BI provides a wealth of benefits:

  • > Faster reporting, analysis and planning
  • > More accurate analytics
  • > Informed business decisions
  • > Improved data quality
  • > Increased employee satisfaction
  • > Enhanced operational efficiency
  • > Better customer satisfaction
  • > Greater competitive advantage
  • > Reduced costs across-the-board
  • > Increased revenues
  • > Saved headcount
ResourceWise business intelligence platforms are detailed and comprehensive. The data is continuously updated, and regular improvements are made to the information, analytics and insights they contain.

Companies in the pulp and paper, chemicals and wood products industries use these platforms to make consistently better decisions.



FisherSolve® is a business intelligence system containing highly detailed and complete information on every pulp and paper mill in the world. It describes the assets, production, operations, environmental flows, costs-of-production, long-term viability, carbon footprint and more.

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With millions of rows of on-demand data, SilvaStat360 is a convenient, one-stop repository of the datasets and analytical tools required by the global forest products industry, including commodity pricing data, macroeconomic data, trade data, forest inventory, precipitation data and more. 

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WoodMarket Prices

WoodMarket Prices, a Wood Resources International product, is now available as an online interactive business analytics tool. WoodMarket Prices covers prices, trade and market developments for most of the major regions that consume sawlogs, pulpwood and wood chips worldwide. The report also covers the latest market and trade developments in timber, pulp, lumber and biomass markets, including North America, Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania.

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OrbiChem360 provides comprehensive chemical business intelligence to assist business managers in their strategic planning and business performance optimisation. The platform backed by a global network of qualified professionals & market experts that are trusted industry wide.

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Prima CarbonZero

Prima Markets provides comprehensive business intelligence about low-carbon feedstocks and fuels. Prima CarbonZero, the latest ResourceWise business intelligence platform, is coming soon. 

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