Sales Team


ResourceWise’s greatest strength is its people. Our dedicated and diverse group of professionals is driven to innovate, adapt and create reliable data-based business solutions to help modern businesses prosper in the global market.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service that enables our customers to improve performance and meet the demands of an evolving market.

Sales Team


Marko Summanen

Vice President, Business Development, Europe

Marko Summanen uses his deep solutions-focused understanding of paper making operations to help clients improve performance and address the particular challenges faced by European players.

Trip Jobe headshot in black and white.

Trip Jobe

Vice President Sales, Forest Value Chain

Trip Jobe helps drive ResourceWise's North American growth and build upon our consulting business, as he helps position us as the standard market intelligence provider in the forest vertical.

Headshot of Matteo Baldi in black and white.

Matteo Baldi

Global Sales Manager

Matteo Baldi helps lead our team of Business Managers to generate new sales for our chemicals industry data platform OrbiChem360. He is responsible for a global sales growth plan and resourcing strategy.

A headshot of Laura Beacham, ResourceWise's North American Sales and Project Suervisor.

Laura Beacham

North American Sales and Project Supervisor

At ResourceWise, Laura Beacham leads sales for the North American client base, providing advanced business intelligence resources as well as leveraged consulting services.

Marcello Collares, VP of Latin America, brings over 15 years of service in that region's pulp and paper industry.

Marcello Collares

Vice President, Latin America

Marcello Collares has spent 15+ years of his professional career in the Latin American pulp and paper industry focusing on expansion planning and growth initiatives, management strategy, asset investment, production and cost structure, and commercial operations optimization.

Luis Sampaio Vice President, Business Development Europe

Luis Sampaio

Vice President of Business Development, Europe

Luis Sampaio has spent over 15 years of his professional career in the European pulp and paper industry focusing on strategic and consultative sales, growth initiatives, management strategy, production and cost structure, and key account management.

Headshot of Fiona Ribbins, Business Development Director/Prima

Fiona Ribbins

Business Development Director

Fiona joined PRIMA in 2017 as a commercial and new business development manager. She is responsible for all aspects of subscriptions and data sales and the PRIMA consulting business.

Headshot of Bobby Frank.

Bobby Frank

Sales Manager

Bobby Frank is an expert in the Forest Value Chain, specifically the wood fiber supply chain (timber, pulpwood, chips, and other residuals) for pulp & paper mills, sawmills, biochemical, bioenergy, and other wood-consuming facilities. 

Headshot of Luciana Lima.

Luciana Lima

Sales Manager LATAM

Luciana Lima is a Sales Manager LATAM, based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has over 20 years of experience in the Pulp and Paper industry, focusing on sales, quality, environmental projects, and engineering.

Headshot of Ming Tan, business development representative.

Ming Tan

Business Development Representative

Ming Tan is a Business Development Representative, based in Malaysia. She has experience in analysis, sales, and marketing roles within the Paper Industry.

Headshot of Ed Shulman.

Ed Shulman

Sales Manager, North America

Ed Shulman is a Sales Manager for Prima Markets’ North American region, based in Chicago, Illinois. He's experienced in providing analytics and sustainable metrics across the agriculture, forestry, consumer packaged goods, mining, and government sectors.

Headshot of Steve Main, Senior Consultant for ResourceWise.

Steve Main

Senior Consultant

Steve Main is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Fisher International. He works to support existing Fisher clients, ensuring long-term satisfaction and value realization from their investment.

Headshot of Justin Barnes in black and white.

Justin Barnes

Sales Representative, North America

Justin Barnes is a Sales Representative for the ResourceWise North American region and is based in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  He has nearly 20 years of sales and business development experience in multiple industries, with a deep knowledge of the forest industry.

Jerred Hunt headshot in black and white

Jerred Hunt

Sales Representative, North America

Jerred Hunt is a Houston, TX-based Sales Representative for ResourceWise’s North American Region, with a focus on the chemical industry. With over 10 years of sales experience, Jerred brings a wealth of knowledge to the company.