Terry Li (Li Xinong)

Senior Consultant
Acrylic Acid & Acrylates, EG, EO & Derivatives, Olefins, Polyolefins

Terry, who is based in Shanghai, joined the Tecnon OrbiChem team in 2017. He has over 15 years of experience working in the Olefins & Polyolefins industry, becoming involved in trading Polyolefins in the domestic Chinese and international markets (Asia, Americas, Middle East, & Africa) upon graduation.

Terry provides consulting services for Acrylic Acid, Acrylates (BA, MA, EA, 2EHA, & MMA), Ethylene Oxide & Derivatives (MEG, DEG, TEG, Ethanolamine, & Glycol Ethers), as well as providing weekly tracking for the East Asian Olefin and Polyolefin markets. 

Terry graduated in International Trading and English from the International Relations College of Xi’an Fanyi University, Shaanxi, China.

Headshot of Terry Li, Consultant for Chemical.