Javier Rivera

Business Manager
Fibres, PET & Intermediates, EO, Glycols & Derivatives

Javier is responsible for Tecnon OrbiChem's Polyester (PET Resin, Glycols, EO, and Derivatives) and Polyamide (Caprolactam and Polyamide 6 Resin) consulting services. 

Javier also leads Tecnon OrbiChem's global consulting activities in Fibres, PET, and Intermediates (PX, PTA, MEG, and PIA). 

With over 20 years of experience in the polyester and nylon industries, Javier previously worked for a European industrial company producing polyester and nylon polymers for packaging and textile applications. He gained extensive knowledge and experience in those markets along both product chains. 

Javier has degrees in Economics and Law from the University of Navarra and UNED, Spain respectively, and a PDD from IESE Business School. 

Headshot of Javier Rivera, Business Manager for Chemical.