Jaroslaw Cienkosz

Acrylic Acid & Acrylates, Ammonia, Fibres & Intermediates

Jaroslaw joined the Tecnon OrbiChem team in 2022 and is based in Poland. He provides consulting services for the Acrylic Acid, Acrylates, Ammonia, and Fibres & Intermediates markets. 

Prior to joining Tecnon OrbiChem, Jaroslaw lead Purinova PL’s raw materials purchasing department, with 11 years in manufacturing and 8 years in chemicals.

Jaroslaw's experience includes being a specialist buyer, analyst, and advisor, as well as a quality and technical manager for a variety of companies.

Jaroslaw holds a master’s degree from Kraków’s Jagiellonian University.

Headshot of Jaroslaw Cienkosz, Consultant for Chemical.