Reporting Wood Prices, Trade and Market Developments Worldwide.

Wood Resources International LLC (WRI), established in 1987, is an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm that specializes in evaluations of global forest resources, wood raw-material markets (logs, wood chips and biomass), forest products trade, wood costs outlook, and forest industry developments worldwide. In addition to consulting work, our company has tracked global wood prices through two wood market price reports, updated quarterly since the 1980's.

Global Wood Market Coverage for More Than 30 Years.

Mr. Robert Hagler establishes WRI to provide wood fiber costs and market analyses for the global pulp industry.
Launch of subscription service Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ), which tracks wood fiber prices on a global basis.
Swedish forester Mr. Håkan Ekström joins WRI.
Mr. Håkan Ekström acquires WRI from Mr. Hagler.
WRQ expands coverage to 19 key regions in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Oceania.
Wood Resources International joins Resource Wise