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Data, analytics and insights for
commodity markets

We empower companies to make wise decisions by providing high-quality data, business intelligence and insights that resolve value chain issues while promoting a low-carbon economy and profitable growth.

Product Spotlight: What's New

Prima CarbonZero


Forest2Market's Carbon Analysis 360


Better data. Better intelligence.
Better decisions.


  • Commodity pricing  for timber, lumber, recovered fiber and chemicals 
  • Supply and demand data for timber, pulp, paper and chemicals
  • Fundamental cost model data
  • Energy, carbon and water use data
  • Pulp & paper and chemical mill data
  • Macroeconomic, trade, trade flow and weather data


Our business intelligence platforms provide access to this data and allow customers to build their own analytics so they can better navigate complex and volatile commodity markets.

  • SilvaStat360 from Forest2Market: pricing, benchmark and value chain optimization analytics for the global timber, solid wood, pulp & paper and biomass energy industries.
  • FisherSolve from Fisher International: detailed and complete information on every pulp and paper mill in the world, including assets, production, operations, environmental flows, costs-of-production, long-term viability, carbon footprint and more for the global pulp & paper industry.
  • OrbiChem360 from Tecnon OrbiChem: pricing, supply & demand and trade analytics as well as market insights for the global petrochemical, fibres, plastics, and biomaterials industries.


For more than two decades, our legacy brands have focused on one mission: to help our customers make exponentially better decisions by providing them with the most accurate data and analytics available to our markets. Combined with our business intelligence platforms, our high-value strategic consulting based on both our data and our decades-long experience help our customers resolve value chain issues and make multi-million dollar decisions:

  • Benchmark and forecast commodity prices
  • Identify acquisition or divestment targets
  • Site a new facility
  • Determine more sustainable methods for operating across the value chain

The ResourceWise Portfolio

For over 30 years, Fisher International has helped companies across all aspects of the pulp and paper industry drive better performance. Combining deep data with powerful analytics and expert consulting, Fisher helps uncover smarter solutions that support our clients’ ongoing operations and long-term goals by answering big, capital-intensive questions and fostering actionable, replicable planning at all levels. 

Since 2000, Forest2Market has empowered participants in the global forest, wood products, paper products, biochemical and bioenergy industries to make exponentially better decisions through the strategic application of industry expertise and unique datasets. With transactional data, industry experience and third-party independence, we provide business solutions that support fact-based decision making and planning.

Tecnon OrbiChem has been a leader in providing data and analysis to the petrochemical industry since 1976. Our independent, third-party, expert information has helped chemicals producers and consumers, financial institutions and government agencies to optimize their strategic and commercial decisions, planning and business development, product diversification and mergers, acquisitions or divestments.

Wood Resources International (WRI), established in 1987, is an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm that specializes in evaluations of global forest resources, wood raw-material markets (logs, wood chips and biomass), forest products trade, wood costs outlook, and forest industry developments worldwide. In addition to consulting work, WRI has tracked global wood prices through two wood market price reports since the 1980's.

PRIMA is the leading research and price benchmarking agency (PRA) in the expanding international market for low carbon feedstocks and fuels. PRIMA focuses on the interface between biofuels, energy and agricultural markets in its unique suite of informational and analytical reports and web-based information services.