Leading your organization directly to the most effective action.

SilvaStat360 is designed to be a convenient, one-stop repository of the datasets and analytical tools that are most important to your success in the forest supply chain, including pricing, macroeconomic, forest inventory, precipitation data and much more.

All of this data can be visualized and analyzed in methods that are most beneficial to each individual user, and users can save search filters, download the datasets and customized images, or print charts right from their screens.


Millions of rows of on-demand data. One platform.

SilvaStat360 also provides instantaneous conversions to units, grade scales and currencies to enable strategic and tactical decision-making, as well as regional datasets that allow for international indexing and global benchmarking so you can compare your performance to peers worldwide.

Delivered Price Benchmarks

Forest2Market Delivered Price Benchmarks provide buyers and sellers of wood raw materials with the market intelligence they need to increase performance and profit margins. The sole source of transaction-based data available in the marketplace, sellers of wood raw materials use the Delivered Price Benchmark service to negotiate wood raw material and residual price, secure and stabilize supply and off-take agreements, compare pricing and performance to the market at large and much more.



Stumpage Price Dashboards

Forest2Market Stumpage Price Dashboards provide on-demand access to timber prices throughout the US South. Product dashboards provide interactive charts and tables that help users visualize geographies and the data that correspond to them, including historical data
on product groups and individual products that can be sorted by price-per-ton or DBH. All of this data can then be viewed on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.



Wood Market Edge

Wood Market Edge provides the most comprehensive monthly trade and market analysis of wood products available in Australia and New Zealand. Covering all relevant products and trade and economic information for both countries, Wood Market Edge provides the market pulse for:

  • Woodchips
  • Logs
  • Sawnwood
  • Panel and Engineered Wood Products
Detailed data can be queried dynamically alongside IndustryEdge’s comprehensive commentary that includes ongoing demand driver assessments for Australian housing and global pulp markets.



Sawmill TQ

Sawmill TQ (Top Quartile) is a service for gathering and delivering Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) sawmill benchmark data. The product is a partnership that combines The Beck Group’s sawmill benchmarking experience and knowledge with Forest2Market’s SilvaStat360 business intelligence platform. The result is a product designed specifically to meet the needs of sawmill managers and owners, which enables them to analyze competitive strengths and weaknesses, validate strategic, operational and tactical initiatives, and identify opportunities for improvement.


Current & historical pricing data

Subscribers are able to view and download historical trend/time series data, including all component prices (stumpage, cut-skid-load, freight, margin, etc.) that make up delivered prices for all mills in a selected area consuming similar volumes of wood raw materials.

Global market insights

Combined regional datasets allow for international indexing and global benchmarks so that you can compare your performance to the performance of your peers worldwide.


Timber supply analysis

An interactive tool that provides streamlined access to the USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis data on species, product, growth, inventory and harvests. Interact with this data by region, state, or all the way down to the county level.


Freight efficiency analysis

Because freight costs can make up 25%+ of delivered wood fiber costs (in most US markets), understanding advantages/disadvantages in regional procurement zones and identifying areas of improvement can result in significant savings and increased profitability. The Freight Efficiency Analysis tool enables subscribers to better compare their company-wide and individual mill delivered freight costs to the market by filtering data to fit their unique profiles. This increases transparency and allows customers to identify areas where they can improve procurement strategies that will drive profitability.


Delivered price forecast tool

The Delivered Price Forecast tool incorporates forecasting scenarios based on the highest-quality transactional data in the forest products industry. By starting the process with a precise starting point based on actual mill and market transactions, the forecast scenarios deliver a greater level of accuracy that result in less variability over time.



PLF distribution

“Pounds per linear foot” (PLF) data is essential for consumers of logs and pulpwood—especially in competitive and volatile log markets where lines are blurred between traditional product classes. The PLF Distribution dashboard provides interactive charts and tables that help users visualize geographies and the data that correspond to their mill facilities, including historical PLF data on product, price and volume.


Global economic data

We collect historical and current third-party economic data (GDP, CPI, PPI, housing starts, WTI and diesel prices to name just a few) and make it available to subscribers in the SilvaStat360 platform. Users can then chart these indicators alongside their own prices and performance in order to identify correlations and trends.


Precipitation data

Current and historical precipitation data is sourced from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is available on filterable, interactive charts down to the county level.