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Unraveling Regional Price Gaps and Fortifying Forecasts in the Polyester Value Chain

ChemForesight allows businesses to build blueprints for a selection of future scenarios.

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Precision prediction of feedstocks costs can limit the impact of price and supply decision-making by OPEC+ nations.

The days of price synchronicity in global markets for the aromatic hydrocarbon feedstock paraxylene are over. It is unlikely that the cross-region price mirroring seen last decade will return. This makes forward-looking insights more important today than they might ever have been.

Procurement teams, purchasers and chemicals business planners cannot predict the supply chain drivers that arise out of geopolitical tension, leftfield shipping disruption or adverse weather conditions.

Access to indications of crude oil pricing structures derived from expert analysis can aid contingency planning. Not only does ChemForesight forecast prices for key chemicals by quarter over the next 18 months, it does so based on three distinct barrel price scenarios.

Compare paraxylene price points across Covid-19, the Russia/Ukraine conflict thus far and our predictions for next year. For first sight of our inaugural paraxylene ChemForesight graph, fill the form and we’ll send our eBook to your email address.   

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