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An Analysis of the Market Drivers for the Fats and Oils That Underpin 2020s Oleochemicals Markets


Megatrends and market drivers are impacting the oleochemicals industry.

Adverse weather events, legislative change, and geopolitics are putting limits on the supplies that feed global oleochemicals markets, driving up the cost of the compounds.

At the same time, the transport sector is sucking up supply as incentives push fuel manufacturers away from fossil fuel-based feedstock.

This is all happening at a time when procurement teams and chemical buyers are eager to source the sustainable feedstocks this sector yields.

As ResourceWise combines its insights in this renewable chemicals subsector with its forest products and low-carbon fuels and feedstocks price portfolio, we delve into the issues underpinning the market.

What you'll find in the eBook: 

  • Just how volatile have seed, grain, fats, and, oil prices been? 
  • Out of rapeseed, coconut, soybean, crude tall, palm kernel, and palm oils, which are the most expensive?
  • What is it that is pushing prices up or down in 2024?

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Learn all you need about feedstocks for fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

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