Neila Cole

Sales Representative/Analyst

Neila Cole is responsible for managing Forest2Market’s stumpage price database and helping to generate new sales, particularly subscription services.

Neila previously worked for Weyerhaeuser Timberlands as a Forestry Research Specialist/Data Analyst.  She managed day to day planning for long and short term silvicultural research projects, prepared graphs and tables for presentations, produced reports for annual & quarterly budgeting, and helped clean/organize complex datasets.  Prior to that, she served as a Resource Forester.  Neila held several Research Assistant roles, where she focused on forest operations-based research projects, land mapping, data analysis, and various biodiversity studies. 

Neila graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Maine.  She followed with a Masters in Forest Resources and Forest Products from Virginia Tech in 2018.  Outside work, Neila enjoys going to the beach, camping, gardening, and visiting family in New England.