Hakan Ekstrom

Director, International Forest Products Sector

Hakan Ekstrom is responsible for growing the ResourceWise forest products vertical globally through his continued operation of Wood Resources International.

Ekstrom's international experience is extensive, including the visitation to more than 25 countries to research forest resource issues and to study forest products industry developments on-site. His passion for nature goes back to growing up in a small town in northern Sweden where his parents introduced him to berry-picking, mushroom-hunting and hot-dog grilling at a very early age. The appreciation of trees and all products available from the forests was further established from the regular visits to the grandparents who lived in a town with both a sawmill and a pulpmill.

Over the 30 years working and then owning WRI, Mr. Ekstrom has had the opportunity to conduct consulting assignments for companies and organization in over 25 countries, speak at conferences in 15 countries, and expanded the WRQ subscription base to readers in over 30 countries.